18/ Colour my life.


Designed by me.


As seen on The Design Files my house created in 2009.

Photographs by Sean Fennessy



14/ What Shaynna came to say.

Deadline Design.

– – –

So my house looked amazing 7 years ago when it featured on The Design Files I gave birth to the house after months of designing. I followed that up by giving birth to my baby girl and two and a half years later out popped a boy. You could say I have had to let a lot go, clean floors have been replaced with piles of toys, immaculate bench tops are now a field of cluttered everyday objects and the endless amount of boxes put away with things you need that you can’t find now taunts me everyday. Then I got the call that Shaynna Blaze was coming over to film our house for her new Foxtel hit show Deadline Design… I was a little shocked at what she might find or not find but I did succeed to inspire.

Deadline Design with Shaynna Blaze features on Foxtel LifeStyle Channel              Wednesday 9.30pm

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